Cześć (Hi) – Welcome to Speak Polish

Welcome to Speak Polish!

Since this is the first of what I hope will be many, many posts to this blog, I’ll be using it to introduce my intentions for

Being from the UK, I am not a native Polish speaker – in fact I have been learning Polish for only a few years myself. I first became interested in the language after meeting my partner, who although from the UK too, has Polish roots and Polish family. I have since spent a lot of time in Poland, and when in the UK, have been taking lessons from a native.

There’s no doubt that Polish is a difficult language to learn – in fact some argue that it is the most difficult in the world…but many people have learned Polish from scratch, and I have resolved not to be put off by the seven cases which make the language famously challenging!

Over the coming weeks and months, I intend to go back to the very basics of Polish language, documenting everything online, in the hope that in consolidating my own knowledge of Polish, I’ll also be able to help others who wish to learn.

This obviously means that I can’t promise 100% accuracy from the start, but I will promise to have my posts proofread for mistakes, and I will be more than open to comments and corrections from readers!

In the interests of making things even more helpful and even more interesting, I also intend to post as many links as I can find to useful learning materials, facts and articles about Poland and the Polish language.

To begin at the very beginning – the next post will be: The Polish Alphabet

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    1. Hello! I’m always on the look out for new resources and inspiration for new posts – I’ve seen a few of those links but others are new to me so thank you!

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