Polish Animation & Experimental Film

We recently posted about learning Polish with poetry, but how about obscure animation and experimental film!

Poland’s Filmoteka Narodowa (National Film Archive) began a project in 2012 which is aimed at digitizing and restoring films which are considered an important part of the country’s cinema heritage. Part of the Filmoteka Narodowa’s mission is also one of education of Polish film heritage, and as such many of these digitized films have been made available in part or in full online.

Much of the best material is to be found in the Animacje i Eksperymentalne category, and while many of these films are silent (but still well worth watching!), many others aren’t and are a fun way of practising listening skills, particularly for intermediate/advanced learners.

How about the brilliantly surreal kilka praktycznych sposobów na przedłużenie sobie życia (a few practical ways to prolong one’s life) from 1974?

The Studio Miniatur Filmowych, founded in Warsaw in 1958, also has a collection of films both old and new available on its YouTube channel, including several by award-winning avant-garde filmmaker Julian Antonisz. His popular 1971 film Jak działa jamniczek (How a Sausage Dog Works) might not be the best language-learning tool compared to some of the more modern films on the channel but deserves special mention:

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